As the owner and founder of Patch Hut, sound design is a great passion of mine but there is also another close to my heart,  the rescue and well being of animals in Greece. There are hundreds of tradgic cases surfacing each day of animals (dogs and cats etc) that have been abused, abandoned and left to die. There are a number of and I want to call them unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to rescuing these poor creatures who’s only mistake is to trust humans and offer their unconditional love and friendship which we abuse.

These unsung heroes are trying the best they can and rely on their own small incomes and charitable donations from caring people like yourselves. So I have decided to set up a donations payment to the shopping cart for anyone wanting to help. Any donation is always welcomed however small and will go along way to helping these poor animals live better lives. Below are some of the small unknown heroes we hope to support. Thank you for your donations!


100+ rescued dogs in Crete, Greece needs your help now more than ever. His aim is to save and help as many strays as he can, with new cases of abandoned, injured and scared dogs, abused dogs and puppies in dumpsters arising every day. He needs your support in order to cover the expenses for food for the animals at the shelter and for those that live in distant areas where he has to travel every day. Rent expenses as he doesn’t have his own place and needs to change frequently due to people’s complaints and vet bills for treatments, medications and surgeries. Even a small contribution can make a huge difference to the life of these creatures. 


DASH stands for ‘Dream of a Safe Haven’, it’s our sole mission to provide a safe haven in our shelter for hundreds of homeless, starving and abused dogs that could die without our help and refuge. Our shelter is in Messini in the Peloponnese region of mainland Greece.

We operate solely by volunteers and are reliant upon public donations in money and in kind. At DASH, we provide care, love, food and veterinary treatment and facilitate adoptions for as many dogs as we are able. In the longer term our aim is to work alongside the local municipalities to ‘neuter, chip and release’ healthy dogs so that they can be monitored and protected.


In this shelter in Ierapetra,Crete, Takis takes care of more than 350 stray dogs he has rescued from abuse and abandonment. Dogs that have been chained up for most part of their lives living in horid conditions without enough food and water, others have been left to die on the roadsides. Takis devotes his life to rescuing and finding homes for not only dogs but cats also. Help us to find a forever home for them by sharing our albums, and help us keep the shelter alive. Every donation is very important

We thank you!