25 great sounding patch presets of pads, rhythms and bass for the very powerful
Hybrid 3 synth from Air Music Tech.

This library brings together various sounds with movement using lfo’s and the sequencers inside Hybrid. Sounds that can be blended together with just a few tweaks to suit the rhythm of your track. Lots to be inspired by here.

With Pandora you never know what you will create next.


A superb library for Airmusic’s Hybrid 3 featuring 100 brand new presets.

This collection includes some stunning arps, pads, rhythms, padfx, fx, leads, leadfx, using the mod wheel on the majority of the presets envokes a morphing and sometimes subtle extra character of the sound. This is truly an inspiring library covering the majority of genre from house to soundtrack where ever your genre lies you will find something in this library to take your production to the next level.


Another great library using AirMusic’s Hybrid 3. 50 superb presets with some unusual sounds that most probably reflect this unprecedented year of 2020. We have the usual sounds of bass, pads, and more leads than normal in this library. Again this can be be adapted to any genre, but probable experimental or some kind of underground composition would work well.

Demo track drum sounds are not included!