Here at Patch Hut we use windows 10 64bit and our DAW of choice is Presonus Studio One Pro 4.5. So in most cases the installation is quite straight forward just a simple copy and paste of the unzipped library folder into the appropriate instruments default preset folder.

If we take Air Music as an example, on a Windows operating system the default path would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Air Music Technology\  followed by the instrument and then Presets. This is pretty much the default path for most manufacturers. Omnisphere 2 users will have an installation file which is imported straight into Omnisphere from Omnisphere itself, unless otherwise instructed from the library instalation notes.

We have started to replace the copy and paste method with exe files to save any confusion for Windows users. If you have installed  a Manufacturers instrument into a custom folder, you will need to find the appropriate Presets folder manually.


It has come to our attention that Pro-tools users have some difficulty in finding the Presets folder as they do not seem to conform to the standard windows installation folder. So we have found that the path is in your documents folder for example documents\Pro-Tools\Plug-in Settings\ followed by the appropriate instrument.


On Mac, many instruments are located in the username\documents folder.
For example Air Music’s presets are in Mac HD\Library\Applications\Air Music\Vacuum Pro\Presets.
Some companies like to keep presets in Mac HD\Library\Audio\Plugins\Presets\Air Music.
Others use Mac HD\Library\Application Support\Air Music\Presets

Unfortunately we have no way of verifying the exact folders as we do not have access to Mac systems, but we hope this helps in some way and recommend reading the OS documentation.


All downloads generally have a limit of 3 downloads. These do not expire until they are used. This however does not mean that if you have used all 3 downloads that you cannot retrieve the library again. Everybody at some point will have a system crash and have to re-install their OS (operating system), there for you just need to send us an email to request another download link. We do recommend that you store a copy of the purchased library on an external or cloud storage area.