FLAVOURSPHERE Now FREE in the free downloads page

With 30 great new patch presets and 6 Multi’s for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, ranging from big synths to rhythmic patterns and arpeggiated sounds, this library adds a complete new flavour to this much loved and amazing soft synth hence the name flavoursphere.

This superb library tries not to discriminate against any one genre of music, but will truly inspire you to create something special what ever your musical tastes.This library is also compatible with Omnisphere 2 


Hosting 50 superb patch presets, 10 Multi’s and 39 sound samples. You will hear some great atmospheric pads to take you to the darkside,  some well sculptured rhythms and a bundle of one shot drum hits.

Some sounds just never get old, so a couple of synths sounds are thrown in for good measure. 10 Multi’s will give you some great soundtrack inspiration, with big sound combinations of pads with rhythms.

Don’t miss out on this great sounding library for Omnisphere 2.



If you are looking for soundscapes with a final frontier theme then look no further than Astron. With 50 presets 43 soundsources and 5 multi’s. These great presets will take you on an epic frontier space journey encountering some unknowns. Some great fx and pads will give your video’s and scores some thrilling ambient atmosphere.