This is a must have library for Presonus Studio One’s Presence XT sampler. An update to 30 incredible unique instrument samples from pads,  bass, vocal choirs, synths and including a great sounding drum rhythm.

This library has a Pagan environmental feel which envokes a great atmospheric mindset when it comes to music creation. Preset Devine intervention comes with a unique choir and 2 drum patterns for great ethereal sound. Probably aimed at more of the instrumentalist musician but with this library you are only limited by your own imagination.

Studio One v3 and compatible with v4.1.1


This library is a die for set of 31 patches of real vocals which have been used to create some extraordinary sounds. We have single voice oohs and aahs, and when played with chords 

creates some great choirs. There are vocal fx generated into unique instruments and spoken  words spread over several octaves. Some of the vocals are accompanied with a drum beat just  to give that extra vibe.

You maybe thinking 31 patches is an odd number to have , well we just couldn’t deprive you of that extra superb vocal patch.

Studio One v3 and compatible with v4.1.1.


Drummer Boy is a great cheap alternative to a full blown drum machine. With 20 great preset drum kits the majority of which with starter loops. You can create your own drum patterns with kits ranging from acoustic to electro and with several instances of Presence XT playing the Drummer Boy library its possible to create some complex drum patterns inside Studio One.

Studio One v3 and compatible with v4.1.1.



Other Worlds Looming originally created for Loom 2 has now been converted for Studio One’s PresenceXT. 51 great presets. Some superb pads, fx, leads, and 1 or 2 rhythmic fx. This is a library that shouldn’t be over looked and would be a great addition for artists creating video sound tracks but equally at home in other genre’s.

Studio One v3 and v4.1.1 required.