30 great sounding patch presets for this superb sounding analogue soft synth from Air Music Tech.

This Library was conceived with the idea that not all sounds need to necessarily be for EDM.
You will find Pads, Bass, FX and String sounds. This library has everything.Play with chords or single notes and use of the mod wheel for extra fx.


Concept Human League shows Vacuum Pro’s full potential with 68 presets in total of the Human Leagues most iconic sounds. The Human League used an array of synths to layer their sounds, but we have re-created sounds for 4 of the Human leagues well known songs just by using Vacuum Pro.

Concept Human League gives you that true analog 80’s feel with, Don’t you want me, Darkness, Things that dreams are made of and Seconds. You get an extra 29 presets taken from various Human League tracks.

Listen to the demo track and give your music a taste of the 80’s. (Drums not included)