20 sizzling Multi layered presets that will bring your compositions to life. Pads Rhythms, Synths Keys, Strings Choirs. Superb !!

Xpand2 is one of the best multi-timbre synths available from Air Music Tech.


25 patches boast some serious and elagant sound crafted pads that puts this multilayered sample synth plugin to good use. Out of the 25 layered patch presets, Patch Hut include 14 pads, 5 great leads, 3 nicely timed rhythms, 2 keys,and 1 superb sounding double bass sound.

This library leans towards mainly the instrumentalist but also sits comfortably in any genre.Playing with chords or single notes on many of the patches can have a dramatic affect and can only create the inspiration you have been looking for. Multivation VOL 2 is a great addition to the original Multivation library.


With the success of the original Multivation library for Air Music’s Xpand!2, we have continued in the series with this outstanding brand new library Multivation Creations. A superb 50 patch preset creation which in our opinion out shines the original Multivation library.
 The list includes,  Arp Pads, Bass, Drum and Bass, Fx, Key, Leads, Pads, Rhythm Leads, Rhythm Pads.Rhythm leads and Rhythm pads are split around C3  giving a rhythm on the left and a different sound on the right of the keyboard. 

We have worked hard on creating a foundation  of sounds towards your creativity with this library and we are sure this will not disappoint.


Get the complete collection in one library, 95 presets in total from Multivation, Vol 2 and Creations. Get the bundle at a cheaper price than buying the individual libraries.

Please refer to the individual library demo’s


This 40 preset library explores the darker side of life containing a host of creepy pads, fx and disturbing patterns.

Using Xpand!2’s extensive factory library, Patch Hut have created some great multi-timberal patterns and pads using the loops, to give a rhythm or to add movement to some haunting pads. The patterns contain rhythm parts which play and are latched at C1, and in some presets a bass part which plays from C2 down to C1 sharp. A melody part will play from C2 sharp and usually upto C6. Using the space bar will stop any arp’s playing.

This library would be a great addition to anyone making music for video clips, but having  said that it would equally be at home being used in any type of genre compositions with a little adaptation. The track demo contains only sounds from the Darklite library, no external rhythm has been added and uses only one instance of Xpand!2 per demo sound.